Busy Bees Apprenticeship Awards 2015 11 - Jul - 2015

Busy Bees Training Celebrate Dedicated Apprentices with Awards Ceremony

With author, actress and presenter- as seen on CBeebies -  Cerrie Burnell


Busy Bees Training hosted an afternoon dedicated to celebrating the inspirational and exemplary work of over 100 apprentices working within 238 Busy Bees nurseries across the UK with a special ‘Hollywood Glamour’ awards ceremony. The afternoon was held at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham on 11th July, with special guest speaker, television presenter Cerrie Burnell.



The Busy Bees Early Years Training Academy Graduation event recognised the dedication displayed by childcare and management apprentices across all ages and levels, who have completed their qualification in the last 12 months, and acknowledged the hard work that they show within Busy Bees nurseries each day. As well as inspire their own apprentices to continue their learning through the many training options available through the Busy Bees Early Years Training Academy and acknowledge the fantastic work that they do, the afternoon aimed to highlight the value apprenticeships bring to the wider workforce across all businesses in the UK.


There were many exciting surprises revealed throughout the afternoon, designed to offer light entertainment and a memorable experience for the attendees, including a secret ‘Hollywood Glamour’ theme, with a few famous faces in attendance, all be it as life-sized cardboard cut-outs. Guests posed for photos next to the rich and famous with excitement, as they sipped on ‘mocktails’ and enjoyed a celebratory lunch.


A highlight of the day was an appearance by CBeebies presenter, Cerrie Burnell, who delivered a truly inspirational speech about striving to achieve your goals, no matter what challenges you may face along the way.


Talking about her involvement, Cerrie said; “Any psychotherapist, psychologist, GP or parent will tell you that the first three years of a child’s life are the most important. I think working with children, because I work with children myself, means that we are all committed to pre-schoolers, which is no small undertaking.


“It needs to be recognised and valued because what a nursery practitioner can offer a child, such as learning through play, all of the joy, all of the security and actually all of that reassurance to the mother or father, is just as invaluable as having a happy home. If you know that your child is happy in their childcare, then you as the parent can relax in the knowledge that your child is receiving the best care available.


“I went back to work when my daughter was 3 months old and, as a single parent, I have always had to work. I am very lucky to be able to say that I love my job, so I really value how important good childcare is to the whole family setup, as well as the development of a child. It is really integral to the foundation of a happy family.


Going onto talk about the importance of learning, Cerrie says; “I think going far in the world actually has very little to do with talent and all to do with tenacity. We all will face thousands of obstacles and if you can approach that journey honestly and be ready to fight, then you will achieve your goals.  No one should ever feel like they are lesser than someone else because they have perhaps not drifted in a cloud of confidence - you are who you are, and all of that should be made into something that is ultimately really positive.”


The afternoon was also an opportunity to share best practice, with a series of individual awards presented to a number of the highest achieving apprentices, sponsored by local businesses and associates of Busy Bees Training (see editor’s notes for a full list of winners). Among the winners was Advanced Apprentice of the Year Kirsty Williams, age 23, from Busy Bees at Farnborough QineticQ. Talking about her win, Kirsty says:


“I honestly did not expect to win. I couldn’t have got here without my trainer, Amy. She’s been such an amazing support throughout my apprenticeship and has really been patient with me. I would say for anyone doing an apprenticeship just keep going, even when you find it hard. Everyone around you really wants you to do well so just go for it and enjoy the experience.”


Busy Bees MD, Marg Randles, also addressed the apprentices with a heartfelt speech on the value they bring to Busy Bees nurseries. Talking about the day, Marg says:


 “This event really is a recognition of all the hard work that our apprentices do, because they have worked really hard to get where they are today.”


Going on to talk about the role of apprentices within the company, Marg goes on to say: “Our business is all about the people that work within it, and running apprenticeships is a way of being able to shape them and mould the raw talent that they already have to produce exceptional care for all of our children.


“You can’t teach the ability to work in childcare, we just hope to inspire them and motivate them. For a 16 year old, the responsibility and dedication to work in childcare is huge. We have to nurture that dedication so it is a rewarding experience for them, and the children in our care enjoy their experience with us each day and parents to feel confident in the care that we provide.


“For this company to succeed, we absolutely need the very best people. Right from opening our very first nursery, we have never lost the ambition to deliver the same quality childcare we would want to give to our own children, and that is done through the people that works for us.


“My one message today would be to remember that you can do anything you want and be anything that you want to be.”