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“I’m really enjoying my training with Busy Bees and although I was thinking about becoming a mid wife I am getting valuable insight into childcare. My training officer and nursery mentor are really kind and I get a lot of support from Nina (Baby Room Manager) and also from my mum. My mum is really supportive and I share my projects with her which has really brought us closer together. She has twelve children so we can actually help each other!” - Lauren - Early Years Practitioner

“Amanda (Assessor) is clearly a good mentor and gives great support to her apprentices. Chloe, our learner has a great relationship with her and responds well to her advice and guidance. We’re very fortunate to have access to such a wonderful training resource” - Cheryl Creaser – Divisional Director

“I am a huge ambassador for Busy Bees’ training. They invest time and care into every member of our staff and Busy Bees assessors are always around to give you extra support, to ensure they get the best results for learners. They see their apprentices as future Managers so they work hard to provide all the training and experienced needed to create the best role models for our nurseries and promote exceptional childcare.” - Gemma Chesworth - Manager Preston NHS nursery

“I’ve always enjoyed cooking and experimenting with different recipes and meals, so when the time came to choose a career path I decided to go for a Catering Apprenticeship” - Kayleigh Turton - Catering Apprenticeship with Busy Bees

"I enjoyed being part of the first aid course run by Busy Bees, and the staff were friendly and welcoming. I learnt a number of different subjects, including the responsibilities of a first aider, how to find a pulse, how fast a child and adult pulse should be, how to deal with different types of wounds and how to stop bleeding." “I would recommend this course to others because it’s full of information needed to be a successful first aider, and explained thoroughly in a kind, friendly environment.” - Anieka Davies - Paediatric First Aid Training Course

“When I saw the apprentice role through Busy Bees Training Academy , I thought it was the perfect opportunity to be able to have more of a practical career progression. I think I would have found it really difficult to come into a nursery setting, as a fully-qualified member of staff and then have to get to know how everything works and the timetable of the day. By completing my childcare apprenticeship through Busy Bees Training Academy, I know everything about the nursery and how the day runs.” “I didn’t know very much about how apprenticeships worked before I was considering my position at college, but after looking into Busy Bees Training Academy I discovered all the different qualifications that were available, as well as the opportunities to progress and gain more qualifications.” - Chloe Edkins - Trainee Early Years Educator

“Since joining Busy Bees I have had an incredible learning experience and have progressed to Assistant Manager. Through encouragement and support my confidence and expertise has flourished and I now am in the privileged position to nurture my own team of staff and share my own experiences. The Management and Leadership Apprenticeship has taught me how to implement business skills in order to help run a successful nursery and develop a passionate nursery team. I started as a childcare practitioner because I loved children and wanted to be instrumental in giving them the very best start in life. Thanks to Busy Bees Training Academy I now have many skills that can help to achieve my professional goals.” - Cathy Mclay


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19 - Nov - 2016

National Play Day 2016

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The National Apprenticeship Event - ICC Birmingham

The National Apprenticeship Event will be held …

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