Why we love apprenticeships (and you should too!)

If you are passionate about beginning a rewarding career in childcare or catering, an apprenticeship may be the right route to get you on your path to success.

If you are currently completing your final year at school or college, you may like many, be faced with the difficult decision of whether to apply for a place at university or embark on an apprenticeship. Which route you choose often depends on your career goals and industry you want to work in.

For those seeking a fulfilling career in childcare or catering, an apprenticeship will equip you with the both the right qualifications and skills needed to progress up the career ladder.

As an apprentice with BB Training Academy you will have access to experienced industry trainers who will provide you with job-specific skills for use within a nursery or kitchen environment. Surveys show that employers recognise the skills gained as part of an apprenticeship and value these alongside qualifications, which you will also gain as an apprentice.

For all our learners, the opportunity to earn a salary while you learn is also a key benefit, and there is also the bonus of avoiding university fees, which can become a burden later in a student’s career.

Many of our apprentices get a sense of achievement from working as a member of a team and get ongoing support with their learning throughout their apprenticeship. We love attracting enthusiastic talent with fresh ideas about nursery life and want to make a positive impact on the people around them. So if an apprenticeship sounds like the right path for you, get in touch!

For more information about our apprenticeships and our current vacancies visit: Apprenticeship-overview