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 "Attended DSL training today with Zoe Brooks and I think it was possibly the best training I have ever done. Really enjoyed my day and felt like I learnt loads. Safeguarding is never the easier of courses and today was hard hitting but it made you realise how important you role as DSL is. I would strongly recommend this course to all managers. Thank you Zoe!"

Faye Dutton




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"Annette kept it pacy, engaged us and listened to all of our stories. Thank you, really useful and interesting"

- Hannah Smith

"Excellent communication and knowledge. Questions answered fully"

- Ariane Laughran

"Very knowledgeable, recommend all SENCO's attend this course"

- Corrina Bethell-Passam


"Attended safeguarding training today, Zoe Brooks did an amazing job and I came out the course feeling so much more confident with safeguarding knowledge and it has given me more of an open mind on safeguarding and seeing the bigger picture of how long the line of safeguarding actually is."

- Selina Luciw