In any situation where someone feels unwell or has had an accident, it is vital that there is someone present who has received top quality First Aid training.

Busy Bees Training Academy offers a full range of First Aid qualifications to equip you and your team in any First Aid emergency. You can be totally confident that your team will gain the skills needed to respond to a first aid emergency in a reassuring, calm and confident manner.

Busy Bees Training Academy trained over 7000 people in first aid in 2015.

Attendees of our First Aid courses receive hands on tuition from First Aid trainers with a wealth of practical first aid knowledge and experience.

First Aid courses available:
· Emergency First Aid (1 day course)
· First Aid at Work (3 day course)
· Emergency Paediatric First Aid (1 day course)
· Paediatric First Aid (3 day course)

All of our First Aid courses cover defibrillator and auto injector pen training as standard.
See our inspiring True Stories for examples of where Busy Bees Training Academy’s excellent First Aid tuition has been invaluable.

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Angie's Story

Putting First Aid Training in Practice

We hope that no one ever finds themselves in an emergency situation, but as one early years practitioner discovered, effective first aid training can prove to be invaluable when faced with a potentially life-threatening situation.

Two years ago, Angie Pass, Nursery Manager at Busy Bees in Bristol Portishead, was driving home from visiting her family with her son when she found herself first on the scene of a fatal car collision. Angie, as well as another passer-by, immediately began to administer first aid to the two vehicle drivers.

Speaking of the incident, she said: “As I turned the corner on my drive home, I was met with a sight that every driver dreads: two cars had been involved in a serious collision and it was clear from simply looking at the vehicles how serious it was. Another gentleman who was already on the scene asked me if I knew first aid, which I did from undergoing the training through Busy Bees Training Academy, so he went to help the elderly lady in the colliding car and I rushed to help the driver who had been hit.

“The front of the gentleman’s car had completely crumpled, crushing his legs and he was bleeding heavily from an injury to his head. He was also slipping in and out of consciousness and in a clear state of distress and disorientation, trying to exit the vehicle and very panicked as to why he was unable to move. As my training had taught me, I checked to ensure the surrounding area was safe for me to enter, by turning the engine off and clearing anything that would potentially cause a further hazard.

“As well as keeping the gentleman calm, my immediate focus was to slow the bleeding from his head. I shouted to the other drivers, who had now also stopped to help, if they had a first aid kit, knowing I needed material to stem the blood flow. Being a warm summers evening, I didn’t have a jacket or cardigan to hand. Someone found a canvas bag and offered that to me, so I covered the wound and applied pressure to it, just as I was taught in my training. My focus then turned to keeping the gentleman calm and responsive, so I kept talking to him until the emergency services arrived.

“A short while later, the fire service arrived at the scene, followed by the paramedics, air ambulance and police. The gentleman was airlifted to the nearest hospital and I stayed to give a statement to the police. Throughout this whole experience, my adrenaline was keeping me calm, focused and able to recall my first aid training, but it wasn’t until the police officer told me that I had potentially just saved the gentleman’s life that the gravity of what I had just done fully hit me. It made me realise how important my first aid training was to saving another person’s life.

“I later found out that unfortunately the elderly lady had a heart attack at the wheel and despite the best efforts of my fellow first responder who had performed CPR on her until the paramedics arrived, she had passed away. However, two days after the incident I received a call to let me know that the gentleman I had helped was in a stable condition in the hospital and, two years later, is able to walk again and has a young family.

“To anyone who is considering undertaking a first aid course or to anyone who is unsure of its worth, I would say this: you always think that it will never happen to you and I hope it never does, but if it wasn’t for my first aid training guiding me through, the gentleman may not be here today. You never know when you will be faced with a situation that requires first aid and I firmly believe that everyone should have at least some knowledge of first aid to perhaps one day save a life, as I did.”

Dawn's Story

First Aid Training into Practice: Busy Bees nursery in Welwyn Garden City

In July 2016, early years practitioner Dawn Mahood from Busy Bees nursery in Welwyn Garden City was preparing to leave her home for a family outing when she heard a loud bang from outside. She immediately rushed outside to inspect what had happened and found that a car had collided with her neighbour’s parked vehicle with the driver in a panicked state and young children in the back.

As Dawn explains, “I heard this almighty crash so I rushed outside to find out what had happened. I saw that the driver of the car was struggling for breath so I called for help and went over to offer my aid.
“After I had got the children out of the backseat of the car and checked that they had no serious injuries, I went to assess the gentleman who had been driving the car. I kept talking for him to ensure that he remained responsive whilst others around me called for an ambulance, but it was clear that he was still struggling to breathe.

“All of a sudden, the gentleman stopped breathing and became completely unresponsive and we knew that we had to act fast in order to help him. My first aid training kicked in immediately and my neighbours and I manoeuvred him out of the car and lay him on the floor. I confirmed that he was still unresponsive, following the training I had previously received, and I began to perform CPR on the gentleman for the next 20 minutes until the paramedics arrived and was rushed to hospital.

“I have since heard that the gentleman had suffered a cardiac arrest at the wheel but has made a complete recovery and is back home and well with his family. The paramedics and doctors who treated him have said that by performing CPR on the gentleman, I had saved his life, which is a really incredible feeling. I feel very grateful for the first aid training that I had received for giving me the knowledge and confidence to be able to act so fast and efficiently and I would encourage everyone to consider taking first aid training, because if the situation had been different, a life may have been lost that day.”