'Trained' in First Class First Aid 30 - Oct - 2015

A member of staff at Busy Bees, IT Officer James Porter, was unexpectedly asked to put his First Aid training to the test last week.

A fellow Virgin train passenger took ill whilst James was on his way home from a weekend break in London. The incident further highlights the need for all businesses, especially those who provide a public service, to ensure at least one first aider is on hand at all times.

James’ skills were required when, just moments after leaving Euston station, a gentleman suddenly collapsed. James, who received his first aid at work training with Busy Bees Training in 2013, jumped into action, checking the unwell passenger’s breathing, manoeuvring him into the recovery position, making sure the paramedics had been called and that the driver was aware of the situation so he could stop at the nearest station.

Talking about the incident, James said: “My training really kicked in when I heard people asking for first aid assistance, and it helped me to stay calm because I knew what steps I had to follow to ensure the gentleman received the right attention.

“I think it perfectly demonstrated how important is it for every individual to be proficient in first aid training, and I would say every business should take the training very seriously if they are to provide the best service to their customers.”

Thankfully, James was able to leave the health of the gentleman, who was by now conscious and responsive, in the very capable hands of paramedics.

This year alone, Busy Bees Training has delivered first aid training to over 950 professionals. Whether to refresh your knowledge or if you want to learn first aid in the work place, first aid training can help give you all the skills, know how and confidence required to safely and effectively manage instances where colleagues require first aid.


The three day training course covers all the basics of first aid training - choking, mouth-to-mouth, CPR, bandaging, and what to do in the event of injuries such as scalds, burns, cuts or broken bones. In addition to teaching delegates to identify potential signs and symptoms of health conditions, first aid at work training also tackles how to manage emergency situations such as allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

For more information on the first aid training courses offered by Busy Bees Training, contact us on 01543 711 150 or by emailing enquiries@busybeestraining.co.uk