Putting First Aid Training into Practice 11 - Jul - 2016

We hope that no one ever finds themselves in an emergency situation, but as one early years practitioner discovered, effective first aid training can prove to be invaluable when faced with a potential life-threatening situation.

Sameena Pehlwan, an Assistant Room Manager at Busy Bees nursery in Burton on Trent, was shopping at a supermarket in Lichfield when she noticed a lady at a nearby checkout bent over and clutching her chest in visible distress. Very shortly afterwards, the lady collapsed to the floor, red in the face and clenching her fists.

Sameena, who has been completing a three-day first aid at work qualification with Busy Bees Early Years Training Academy, rushed over to help her.

Speaking of the incident, she said: “The most important task for me at the time was ensuring that everyone around the lady remained calm, as, understandably, her family were very panicked by the situation. I asked the family members to step back from her to give her some breathing space, ensured that someone had called for an ambulance and they kept talking to her throughout to measure her responsiveness.

“The lady was taken to hospital soon afterwards, and I was informed a few hours later by someone who was involved in the incident that she was recovering well.

“To know that I had made even a small difference to helping save a life was incredible. If I hadn’t completed the first aid training course with Busy Bees Training Academy, I don’t think I would have had the confidence to help her as effectively and efficiently as I did.

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Steve, our first aid trainer, who was really helpful and clear in explaining to us the correct procedure during our training course. You don’t know how you will react when you are put in that situation, so I think it’s important for everyone to be properly trained in these vital, life-saving skills.”


The three-day first aid at work training course covers all the basics of first aid training - choking, mouth-to-mouth, CPR, bandaging, and what to do in the event of injuries such as scalds, burns, cuts or broken bones. In addition to teaching delegates to identify potential signs and symptoms of health conditions, first aid at work training also tackles how to manage emergency situations such as allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

For more information on the first aid training courses offered by Busy Bees Training, contact us on 01543 711 150 or by emailing enquiries@busybeestraining.co.uk